Founding Concepts

Chem Link's core concepts provide the foundation on which we build our company.

Our vision is based on two founding principles:

  • We will improve the "state of the art."
  • We will do no harm by presenting no danger to life, the environment and our planet.

Our mission establishes that Chem Link is:

  • An idea company.
  • Dedicated to product improvement, aiming at product perfection.
  • Relentless in our pursuit of knowledge.
  • Committed to each other, to working as a collaborative team.
  • Dedicated to building the necessary resources to pursue our vision and our mission.

Brand Strategy

Our founding concepts drive the brand strategy aimed at advancing Chem Link's position in the marketplace:

We will work towards establishing Chem Link as a brand for the Americas with continuing emphasis on product superiority and the human aspects of our technology.

The Chem Link brand will be dedicated to:

  • Building and manufacturing for the 21st century based on new concepts, efficient methods and systems, and low energy use.
  • Fanatical customer service delivered consistently at every point where the customer encounters Chem Link.
  • Extreme sensitivity to the environment at every step including how our products are developed, packaged, delivered and used in the marketplace
  • Innovation throughout our organization, not only in product development, but in management, manufacturing, distribution, customer service, finance, marketing and sales.

Core Values


  • Think deeply
  • Ask why not?
  • Assume nothing
  • Invest imagination in each task
  • Integrity

  • Know what "the right thing" means
  • Do what's right even when no one is watching
  • Never compromise with dishonesty
  • Dedication

  • Rise above the expected
  • Commit to the larger purpose
  • Finish the job
  • Stewardship

  • Do no harm to the environment or each other
  • Protect the future of the company
  • Passion

  • Get involved
  • Don't depend on external motivation
  • Bring energy to every task
  • Approachability

  • Be sincere
  • Seek win-win solutions
  • Consider alternative viewpoints
  • Believe in the value of the people around you