Adhesives/Sealants For Siding/Windows/Doors

DuraSil High Performance Adhesive/Sealant


DuraSil is a neutral cure (RTV) silicone, adhesive sealant, designed for application on dissimilar materials such as glass, aluminum, steel, copper, masonry and many engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, vinyl (PVC), fiberglass (FRP), and acrylic.

DuraLink 15 Super Adhesion Sealant

Duralink 15 Super Adhesion Sealant

DuraLink 15 is a general purpose sealant that bonds to most construction materials such as aluminum, glass, brick, concrete, wood and vinyl.

DuraLink 35 Super Adhesion Sealant

Duralink 35 Super Adhesion Sealant

DuraLink 35 is an extremely elastic moisture curing sealant designed for use in metal architecture, curtain wall construction and joints subject to movement.

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DuraLink 50 Super Adhesion Sealant

Duralink 50 Super Adhesion Sealant

DuraLink 50 is designed for use in joints subject to movement. Adhesion to difficult surfaces permits its use on anodized metal and coatings such as Kynar 500® PVDF.

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