Industrial/OEM Products

Chem Link Industrial/OEM serves a broad range of industrial markets with specialty adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Although we have many standard industrial products, we also partner extensively with manufacturers that require a custom formulated product that fulfills a special engineering requirement.

Rivets, bolts and welds have been the tools of choice for engineers since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The art of joining and laminating began with wood and natural polymers. Bonded wood assemblies resulted in beautiful, strong and seamless products from boats to furniture. Such adhesives still perform well in industrial settings.

Since the 1940s, industrial materials have evolved rapidly from simple steel and wood to a wide range of metals, engineering plastics, elastomers, molded parts and glass. As products became more complex, traditional nuts and bolts have given way to specialized polymer-based adhesives and sealants. Unique assemblies often require unique bonding systems tailored to specific products, which calls for collaboration between manufacturing engineers and our technical staff. Twenty-first century manufacturing demands lighter weight, stronger assemblies that can be produced at higher rates. Chem Link Engineered Systems is dedicated to helping our industrial customers meet the challenge.