M-1 Adhesive & Sealant For Pool Tile Repairs

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M1 Pool Tile Repair

M-1 Adhesive/Sealant – Pool and Spa Tile Repairs

  • Lower the water level of the pool below the damaged tiles. Dry the area surrounding the repair area for best results.
  • Remove any grout around cracked pool tiles, using a grout saw or abrasive blade.
  • Insert the flat edge of a chisel in the joint of the cracked tile. Tap the chisel with a hammer to break the tile's bond with the mortar. Continue tapping with the hammer and chisel until you remove the entire damaged tile. Remove all loose/friable mortar in repair area. Repeat this process for any remaining cracked pool tiles.
  • Ensure all dust and loose material is removed and the substrate you are bonding to is structurally sound. Apply several thin beads (approximately 1/8") of M-1 Sealant/Adhesive to the back side of a replacement tile. Press the tile into position. Move the tile back and forth ensuring the sealant is spread across the back of the tile. Take care to install the replacement tile so it is even with adjacent tiles. Remove any excess M-1 that has worked its way into the joint face with a dry rag or tool. Hold tiles in place until the tile is set. Repeat this process for all the tiles you are replacing.
  • Once the tile is set and the M-1 is cured, the mortar can be mixed & installed. Apply per instructions and allow to set.
  • Wipe the grout with a clean, damp sponge. Take care not to knock new grout out of the joints. Allow the grout to dry.
  • Wipe any haze that remains on the tiles from dried grout with a soft cloth. Remaining haze my be removed by, mixing equal parts vinegar and water and wiping repeatedly.

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