Two-Part Liquid Waterproofing For Roofing & Construction

SEAL PACK Urethane Waterproof Coating

SEAL PACK is a 2-component reactive liquid waterproofing membrane that provides a faster cure compared to single component waterproofing products. This liquid-applied membrane forms a flexible and impermeable barrier to water, ice, sewage, and a wide range of chemicals and petroleum products. SEAL PACK bonds tightly to most construction materials. It is designed to seal roofs, walls, and underground structures with a seamless rubber barrier.

SEAL PACK is a thermosetting rubber compound that will not flow, creep or degrade at temperatures as high as 200°F. It also remains flexible down to minus 40°F. SEAL PACK has no solvents, no volatile organic content, (V.O.C.) and will not shrink after application.

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SEAL PACK can be applied as a very flexible two-coat waterproofing barrier, over a variety of roofing and insulation substrates.


SEAL PACK can be used to seal concrete chimney caps. After sealing all cracks with M-1 Structural Sealant, apply two 20-mil coats of SEAL PACK to all surfaces of the chimney cap. Allow SEAL PACK to cure for 48 hours, then paint the chimney cap with two coats of exterior latex paint.


SEAL PACK can be used for waterproofing construction materials above or below grade.

One solid gallon contains 231 cubic inches. 20 mil coverage 81 square feet per gallon. Two 20 mil applications are required.

Special Characteristics

  • Unlimited cure depth
  • Flexible down to minus 40°F.
  • Excellent adhesion to construction materials
  • Can be used above or below grade
  • Thermosetting - will not creep or flow
  • Does not contain coal tar or asphalt
  • Paintable