Developing environmentally friendly and sustainable products has been Chem Link's goal since our founding and holds true today.  Our internal processes are environmentally compliant from product formulation through production and packaging. Chem Link products are developed with sustainability in mind. Every Chem Link product is developed to be environmentally friendly and pose no risk to human health. The products we produce are non-toxic, solvent-free and low VOC, making them safe for both installation and the environment. 

As a member of the SOPREMA group of companies, our values are perfectly aligned.  At the heart of SOPREMA’s company values, the environment receives our focus and attention on a daily basis, particularly as it relates to manufacturing and R&D. SOPREMA was one of the first roofing manufacturers to establish an Environmental Management Program, and the first modified bitumen manufacturer to earn ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management practices. SOPREMA continues to innovate and provide sustainable products for the entire building envelope.