Green Adhesives & Sealants For Roofing & Building Contractors

Since our beginning in 1990, Chem Link Products has been focused on meeting the most pressing needs of the building contractor. We formulate our products based on listening to the contractor and design with direct knowledge of the toughest challenges the contractor faces. Our products increase the strength and integrity of the building envelope, extend the life of roofs, create long-lasting waterproof barriers, and temper the effects of harsh weather cycles while ensuring worker and occupant safety.

Chem Link products contain no solvents, are nontoxic and nonflammable, odorless, and present no hazard to workers. They can be used in confined spaces and in areas with the most stringent environmental standards.

Every Chem Link product is produced and packaged in the United States at Chem Link's fully integrated production facilities in Schoolcraft, Michigan. Chem Link products are made for the contractor's hands - they apply easily and efficiently and are formulated to deliver maximum integrity in the final structure... and they are supported by a proactive customer support/technical service program. Every day we work on ways to increase our support to the contractor who dedicates his effort to quality construction.