One-Part Gun-Grade Roofing Adhesive

Roof Assembly Adhesive

Roof Assembly Adhesive is a moisture cure, single-component, polyether, gun grade mastic designed to laminate insulation boards, fiber recovery boards and fireproof panels to steel, concrete, wood and fiberglass roof decks. It is a fast setting, economical alternative to foam canisters and requires no mixing or complicated equipment to Install. Roof Assembly Adhesive Is FM approved and an excellent choice for both repairs and new construction.

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Zero V.O.C.'s - Solvent Free

Roof Assembly Adhesive is an engineered construction adhesive designed to laminate insulation board, fiber recovery board and fireproof panels to steel, concrete, wood and fiberglass roof decks.

Roof Assembly Adhesive is a single component reactive, thermosetting adhesive that cures to a tough elastic bond. It cures rapidly upon exposure to atmospheric moisture and trace amounts of water on the surfaces of construction materials. This adhesive may be used at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C).

Roof Assembly Adhesive is a "gun grade" mastic easily applied from 28-oz. cartridges and stand-up guns. Deck surfaces must be flat with minimal surface irregularities not to exceed 1/8". Bonding surfaces must be free of dirt, oil and loose debris.

Roof Assembly Adhesive is applied by extruding 1/4" beads laid down not more than six inches apart. Typical installation time for one man is five square per hour. Highly textured surfaces may require a 3/8" bead. No other equipment is required.

Adhesive beads are usually applied to the concrete or metal deck. However, where a scarified or rough deck surface is encountered, beads applied to the insulation board or roof construction panel allow the adhesive to flow down into the irregularities and fill gaps.

Laminated Roof Systems

Because of increased demand for performance and durability, adhesives are now used more extensively in construction. Screws and mechanical fasteners have shown limited performance in cyclic loading and high wind conditions. Screws can weaken concrete and metal decks by perforating and point loading materials that are actually designed to bear loads over a large area. In time, corrosion and substrate deterioration can further reduce fastener performance.

Laminated roof systems built with adhesives, or combinations of adhesives and fasteners, can outperform roofs built with fasteners alone. Laminated roofs offer higher wind uplift resistance and dimensional stability. Roof Assembly Adhesive is a solid performer in high performance laminated roof systems.