Roof Repair Tapes With Advanced MicroSealant® Technology

Chem Link Roof Repair Tapes

Repairs most types of roof leaks on most types of roofs… Fix leaks fast!

Roof tapes featuring MicroSealant technology are formulated from non-butyl synthetic rubbers and resins, and in some versions thermoplastics. The resulting technology produces a primer-like instant bond to most known materials used in traditional building envelope and roofing applications (excluding silicone).

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Advanced MicroSealant Technology

MicroSealants feature a molecular structure that is extremely stable—it is resistant to oxygen, ozone, heat, extreme cold and the effects of temperature recycling. MicroSealants will bond to almost any selected substrate at a molecular level, increasing surface area, and resulting in a "fusing" action, and they are self-healing.

MicroSealants can be installed across a wide temperature range, from -20°F to (-29°C) to at least 150°F (66°C). Installed temperature tolerance ranges from -70°F (-56°C) to over 250°F (121°C) on vertical surfaces and in excess of 300°F (148°C) on flat, horizontal surfaces.

MicroSealants are extremely tolerant of chemical contact, making them ideal for use in extreme industrial environments.

MicroSealants are environmentally stable and contain no solvents or VOCS, are safe to use (virtually, although not technical food service grade) and do not off-gas, so they will not compromise air quality within the building envelope.

Roof Seal

Roof Seal

  • Use on all roofs (TPO, EPDM, aged PVC, rubber, metal and more)
  • 35 mills +/- 2 mils thick
  • 2 colors available (black, white)
Web Seal

Web Seal

  • 30 mils thick
  • Maximum conform-ability
  • Designed to hold all roof coatings and sealers
  • Fabric backing
  • Perfect for making all roofs/surfaces watertight before coating is applied
Double Stick

Double Stick

  • 60 mills thick
  • For use between two surfaces including dissimilar surface materials
  • Twist into rope and use to fill voids, gaps and holes
  • Good for night tie-offs