Prevent Snow & Ice From Sliding Off Pitched Roofs

SnowShoes - Low-Profile Snow Guards

Dangerous snow slides can occur when ice and snow build up on pitched roofs. Help reduce the possibility of personal injury or property damage by installing SnowShoes on sloped roof areas.

SnowShoes are molded from a tough polycarbonate polymer that can withstand heavy impacts at low temperatures. Effective on all metals, including Kynar 500® PVDF coated metal. Also for use on slate, tile, EPDM rubber and PVC membrane.

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SnowShoes are designed with a unique "stealth" profile to be strong and inconspicuous. They are molded with a translucent matte finish that picks up the background color of roofing materials without reflecting sunlight. The surface is receptive to paint if strict color matching is required.

Field Pack contains 24 SnowShoes and three tubes DuraSil adhesive. Installation is easy with translucent DuraSil adhesive provided in every kit. No screws or mechanical fasteners (that punch holes in a roof, and lead to leaks and corrosion) are ever required. DuraSil bonds aggressively to all roofing materials, including Kynar 500® PVDF finishes. It bridges irregularities and will never shrink.